At the end of every year, many companies are looking to buy promotional items (aka use up the use-it-or-lose-it marketing budgets). This year is no different and I’m excited to officially partner* with Revolve Promotions—they provide custom sustainable promotional products. I’ve worked with president and co-owner, Justin Hajny, since he joined I’m Organic (parent company of Revolve) in 2010. As Justin was starting on his journey of creating the best ways to communicate brands using custom sustainable options, I had been in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries for several years, so we started to meet for lunch and bounce marketing ideas off each other. 

However, we go way back to 1999 at UW Madison when we met as aspiring business school students. We graduated a year apart with the same degrees (BBAs in Marketing and Management and Human Resources), but we took different paths. I ended up at Royle Printing in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin mere minutes away from the University, while Justin landed at the American Museum of Natural History and then the International Trademark Association in New York City. Before I’m Organic, Justin came back to Madison to earn an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and then created Revolve Promotions in 2013.

Since then, we’ve continued to have lunches (more recently video chats) and collaborate on countless client promotional products. Now I’m excited to have Mulder Consulting partner with Revolve Promotions to offer my own clients turn-key sustainable promotional product services.

Together, our expertise allows us to find the perfect tools to promote brands that care about sustainability, while ensuring these items are useful, eco-friendly, and create a lasting impact. We also work with clients to highlight the use of sustainable products to their stake holders and customers. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect product for your brand, you can contact Justin directly or reach out to me.


*This partnership is not recognized by any government body, does not receive special benefits from taxation policy; and there is no commission, compensation, nor shared profits of any kind. Our intention is to offer turnkey services for sustainable promotional products. Both companies may and currently do similar business with any other entity.